CompPharma’s 2019 Survey

CompPharma, LLC has published its 16th Annual Survey of Prescription Drug Management Survey results, and you can download it from the Resources page of this website.

The top finding this year is payers’ focus on transparency in PBM pricing, coupled with ongoing concern. about drug-related issues

Here are the highlights:

Transparency and more visibility into PBM pricing and rebates are top of mind for many respondents.  After several years of declining spend and decreases in opioid prescriptions, payers remain vigilant about their pharmacy management programs.  They recognize cost drivers can pop up suddenly as they remember physician dispensing and compound schemes.  Payers are also considering auditing their PBM to ensure compliance with contract terms.

We appreciate the workers’ comp payers who graciously gave their time and data to participate in the survey.  If you’d like to participate in the 2020 survey, email Respondents receive a more detailed version of the report.

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