CompPharma analyzes clinical and transactional pharmacy data, identifies potential problems and works with payers to improve pharmacy programs. If you want help sorting through the complexity of work comp pharmacy, need expert assistance when evaluating RFPs, or want to see if your PBM really complies with your contract, it’s worth a fact-finding conversation to see if we can help.

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CompPharma’s goal is to create and strengthen pharmacy management programs to ensure that workers’ compensation patients receive the right medications at the right time, and at reasonable and fair costs to payers.


Joe Paduda, President
Joe is a nationally-recognized expert in medical mangement with extensive experience in the workers’ compensation industry. READ MORE

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Helen is a public relations consultant specializing in health care, medical management and workers’ compensation. READ MORE

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CompPharma News

October 7, 2019 – CSIA’s 2019 Employer Summit

Joe Paduda will take self-insured employers on "A Trip Behind the PBM Curtain" at CSIA’s 2019 Employer Summit, October 7. Spread pricing, cost drivers, transparency, rebates, and PBM audits will be discussed. The session starts at 1:45 pm. See the link above for further information.

Andover Pharmacy under investigation for opioid dispensing

Joe Paduda provided insight into the Injured Worker Pharmacy (IWP) business model for Boston Globe Reporter Felice Freyer’s article: Andover Pharmacy under investigation for opioid dispensing.

Joe Paduda Will Explain How Healthcare Providers Price Services at NCSI

How do healthcare providers price services to group health plans, workers’ compensation, Medicare, Medicaid? Joe will compare what different payers pay for facility, provider and pharmacy services when he speaks at NCSI’s annual meeting in Orlando on June 10.

Pharma Blogs from Joe Paduda

What’s up?

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Where have all the work comp opioid patients gone?

Workers’ comp has done an admirable job reducing the volume and potency of opioids dispensed to work comp patients. This from our latest Survey of Prescription Drug Management in Workers’ Comp… The question is – how many work comp patients … Continue reading Where have all the work comp opioid patients gone?

The Purdue Opioid “settlement” – key takeaways for workers’ comp

Reportedly Purdue Pharma, the fine folk behind OxyContin, is nearing a settlement with 23 state attorneys general and thousands of other governmental entities. Here are the key takeaways: this does NOT appear to be a universal settlement; other state AGs, … Continue reading The Purdue Opioid “settlement” – key takeaways for workers’ comp