CompPharma analyzes clinical and transactional pharmacy data, identifies potential problems and works with payers to improve pharmacy programs. If you want help sorting through the complexity of work comp pharmacy, need expert assistance when evaluating RFPs, or want to see if your PBM really complies with your contract, it’s worth a fact-finding conversation to see if we can help.

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CompPharma’s goal is to create and strengthen pharmacy management programs to ensure that workers’ compensation patients receive the right medications at the right time, and at reasonable and fair costs to payers.


Joe Paduda, President
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CompPharma News

Joe Paduda Will Explain How Healthcare Providers Price Services at NCSI

How do healthcare providers price services to group health plans, workers’ compensation, Medicare, Medicaid? Joe will compare what different payers pay for facility, provider and pharmacy services when he speaks at NCSI’s annual meeting in Orlando on June 10.

States’ Lawsuit Accuses Manufacturers of Generic Drug Price-Fixing

Attorneys general in 44 states have filed a lawsuit against 20 of the nation’s largest generic drug manufacturers accusing the companies of conspiring to artificially inflate the prices of 114 different generic drugs, including many commonly prescribed in workers’ comp. Reporter Elaine Goodman interviewed Joe Paduda for perspective on the inexplicable price increases for generics. Subscription required. Read More

PBM Report Suggests Shift in Spend from Drugs to Other Services

Joe Paduda questioned Optum’s industry trend report’s suggestion that there may be a shift from meds to physical therapy and other ancillary services. He told Elaine Goodman, that just because spending for durable medical equipment or physical therapy went up while drug costs went down doesn’t mean one caused the other. “Moreover, we don’t know if DME spend is higher due to adjusters using Optum DME for more complex patients, or Optum’s prices for DME are higher,” Paduda said. “The report provides no data to support the inference that drugs are being replaced by other services.” See more (subscription required)

Pharma Blogs from Joe Paduda

Work comp vs. opioids – how we’re doing

It’s been a decade since work comp payers and PBMs got the big wakeup call, the one that changed the industry. From looking at drugs just as an expense, the industry began to see how devastating these drugs were to … Continue reading Work comp vs. opioids – how we’re doing

The latest data on opioids in work comp

We’ve just about completed the 16th (!!) Survey of Prescription Drug Management in Workers’ Comp, and there are two key findings you need to know. First – total opioid spend in 2018 dropped 23.2% across all 27 respondents (ranging from … Continue reading The latest data on opioids in work comp

Survey of prescription drug management in workers’ comp – early findings

With 20+ interviews to date, we are starting to see some patterns in responses. For those unfamiliar with our annual survey, click here to get access to public versions of the last dozen-plus Survey Reports. Respondents are the folks in … Continue reading Survey of prescription drug management in workers’ comp – early findings