CompPharma analyzes clinical and transactional pharmacy data, identifies potential problems and works with payers to improve pharmacy programs. If you want help sorting through the complexity of work comp pharmacy, need expert assistance when evaluating RFPs, or want to see if your PBM really complies with your contract, it’s worth a fact-finding conversation to see if we can help.

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CompPharma’s goal is to create and strengthen pharmacy management programs to ensure that workers’ compensation patients receive the right medications at the right time, and at reasonable and fair costs to payers.


Joe Paduda, President
Joe is a nationally-recognized expert in medical mangement with extensive experience in the workers’ compensation industry. READ MORE

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Helen is a public relations consultant specializing in health care, medical management and workers’ compensation. READ MORE

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CompPharma News

Illinois WC Script Costs Skyrocket

At $192, the average cost of a workers comp script in Illinois, is the highest among the 17 states WCRI studies, according to the respected research organizations CompScope report. In 2017, the average payment per prescription increased nearly 20 percent, driven by dermatological agents, the … Continue reading Illinois WC Script Costs Skyrocket

CompPharma’s 2019 Survey

CompPharma, LLC has published its 16th Annual Survey of Prescription Drug Management Survey results, and you can download it from the Resources page of this website. The top finding this year is payers’ focus on transparency in PBM pricing, coupled with ongoing concern. about drug-related … Continue reading CompPharma’s 2019 Survey

October 7, 2019 – CSIA’s 2019 Employer Summit

Joe Paduda will take self-insured employers on “A Trip Behind the PBM Curtain” at CSIA’s 2019 Employer Summit, October 7. Spread pricing, cost drivers, transparency, rebates, and PBM audits will be discussed. The session starts at 1:45 pm. See the link above for further information.

Pharma Blogs from Joe Paduda

Hyper-expensive moisturizer, uninsured jewelry, drug prices, and those costly hospital mergers

in which I cover newsworthy stuff that happened this week… Uh…that’s why you buy insurance From Politico we hear CMS Administrator Seema Verna asked us taxpayers to pay for $47,000 worth of jewelry and other stuff stolen “during a work-related … Continue reading Hyper-expensive moisturizer, uninsured jewelry, drug prices, and those costly hospital mergers

AARP, healthcare costs and drug prices

AARP has rather strange positions on drug prices and healthcare costs. AARP positions itself as an advocate for seniors (and no, while I’m eligible, I’m not a member). The latest PR effort by the huge organization touts its lobbying to … Continue reading AARP, healthcare costs and drug prices

Time for an effective workers’ comp opioid solution for Louisiana

Today’s WorkCompCentral arrived with William Rabb’s report on the use of opioids by workers’ comp patients in Louisiana. [subscription required] A few notable findings: Louisiana work comp patients get more opioids, and they get them for longer periods of time … Continue reading Time for an effective workers’ comp opioid solution for Louisiana